Monday, January 28, 2008

Herb Gardens For The Kitchen

Look what I got!!! I had seen these a while back and had one on my wish list at Amazon. Then my daughter got one for her birthday in November and when she went to Florida, I had to check in on it. I then came home and used some of my reward certificates from my Amazon Credit Card to buy my machine. I love it so far! I get so many goodies using credit cards that pay ME as I always pay my bills on time and in full.

This is what my garden will look like fully grown. I planted mine on Thursday of last week and by Sunday my first seeds had sprouted. I will post when I can take all the domes off the seedlings in a couple of weeks. This will be a great way to have fresh herbs, not get ripped off at the grocery store and have them go bad so fast and a little bit of nature in the cold ugliness of a Michigan winter.

You can find more info here and also on Amazon. There is also the possibility that Target has them as their website sells them, too.

I suggest the Pro models or better as the originals don't have the same timers or alternative capabilities. Free shipping at both sites.

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