Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Baby Is NOT The Answer Here!

If you can't take care of those kids you have, and lose custody of them, do you just have more like buying toys or going to the car dealership? When is the judge gonna step in and order a mental evaluation before this poor girl harms herself and/or others? She is the gravy train for far too many users and no one wants to do the right thing as their paychecks will be cut off.
The troubled pop star and mother of two, was photographed shopping for a pregnancy test Tuesday at a local Rite Aid store in Studio City, Calif. Photos show Spears and her new beau, 35-year-old photographer Adnan Ghalib, at the store together, and Spears scanning the shelves of pregnancy tests.
ETA-OMG Listen to this audio made early in Brit's career.

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