Sunday, November 18, 2007

Share Something Big!

I saw this photo challenge here . I would love it if you posted a link to something you have personally seen or have a photo with humans in your town or on your travels.

A local dairy, this was in the parking lot of the grand opening of VG's grocery store last year. I was alone so no humans in this but I was there!
Here is my daughter in the world's largest frying pan on the way to my son's wedding last April. Really off the beaten path.
This is also on the way to the wedding-near a truck stop called Lovie's. I think this was on Interstate 80 in Illinois. Marley was freaked!

So post a link or email me a photo-my email is under the profile and I will add it here. And visit my other blogs too!

ETA-no porn! G rated images only!!


  1. I like that HUGE frying pan! Very cool! Thanks for taking part in our challenge!


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