Thursday, November 22, 2007

Handi-Vac Kitchen Sealer Tool

I would not usually plug an item here but I found this cool "toy" and bought it today. Having wanted a vacuum sealer for a long time but not wanting to splurge $100 and up for an item I might not use as much as if I had kids at home and bigger meals, I said the $9.00 I paid for this item would be a worthwhile experiment and if it didn't meet my needs, I would give to my daughter to use.

Well, she ain't getting it! I love it!! I purchased a large bag of frozen peas and divided them up into several servings bags and tucked them in the freezer. There are at least two sizes of vacuum bags and if you look in the store, there is a $5 refund form on the shelves.

Check it out here and play the freezer game while you are there.

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