Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Didn't Abandon This Blog!

I have been busy. Working on some recipes and enjoying my garden growing (aside from the dog eating my tomatoes and peppers and yes, he loves the hot ones, too). I have a bunch of photos and recipes backed up on my external drive (and hope they restore to the new computer when I get some time). I also have new things on my card blog listed on the sidebar.

But you may like this dish. I really have no recipe for it. I tend to grab and see what happens.

I used extra firm tofu which was already cubed and sauted it in peanut oil with hot pepper flakes. I added various herbs and spices, some garlic, and some unsalted peanuts. This was served over brown rice. The carrots were steamed with corn and Lima beans and a dollop of marmalade melted in Earth Balance with garlicky salt was added atop. It was a nice summery and very quick dinner as the rice had been pre-made and frozen. Before serving, I added some homegrown shredded basil. Even the doggies like this!

PS-the photo is crap, I know. I have been saving for a macro and every time I get close, something else comes up. Steamy food seems to strobe for me. I took this photo using only the stove top light. I need to upgrade my stuff!