Monday, February 19, 2007

Squares of Me

Four places I have worked:

1. as sitter for a college professor with 6 kids-for 50 cents an hour!
2. Sports Bar and Grill-a college hangout (burned down) also met hubby there
3. Planned Parenthood
4. White Horse (another hangout-for 3 days)

Four places I have lived:

1. Flint, MI (born there)
2. Detroit
3. Grand Blanc Mi (while our house was being built-long story!)
4. Flushing, MI

Four TV shows I love to watch:

1. Roseanne
2. Original Star Trek if its not cut to shreds
3. Jeopardy
4. ESPN-Sportscenter

Four places I have been on vacation:

1. China Town/San Fransisco
2. Kennedy Space Center Florida
3. Mammoth Cave Kentucky
4. Galveston Texas

Four of my favorite foods.

1. Peanut Butter spooned out of the jar
2. Garlic anything-raw is best
3. Bread any kind-warm, toasted, homemade
4. Kettle corn pop corn-sweet and salty

Four places I would rather be right now

1. anyplace warm
2. anyplace with the sun out
3. anyplace peaceful
4. at the gym on the track-it eventually gets warm and peaceful.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

28 Weird Things About Me

Since February is so short and sweet, I decided to have some fun tonight and come up with one thing for every day in this month that is weird about me. Granted, I could probably find something for every day of the year but maybe later..

1--I got engaged after one date. We had one date before (dinner) and one date after (drive in). I always have been a cheap person to date.;)

2--I think Fred Astaire is sexy and have since I was 6.

3--I have the entire 1984 Summer Olympics on beta-yes beta-and my favorite inspiration is the first official women's marathon when I need to be pumped.

4--I think gnomes and trolls are real. Some live in my backyard.

5--I will only drive a manual transmission.

6--I would rather eat salad than dessert.

7--I never rent DVD's. If I want to see something, I either buy it used or when it first comes out really cheap.

8--I had a MySpace space before my kids did.

9--I hate shopping in malls or mass market stores. I prefer indy stores or the Internet to shop.

10--I have over 60 GBs of music on my hard drive.

11--I try to buy everything I use on my body fragrance free. Perfumes change on me and smell like garbage after a while.

12--I am addicted to the Weather Channel and Jim Cantore is a one hot babe!

13--I always buy postcards of places I visit in case I lose the photos I have taken.

14--I wear plain old white cotton undies.

15--I still have the very first utility bill I ever had in my name. We pay more per gallon of gas now than that whole bill was.

16--I attended the NBA game with the biggest attendance ever. Over 61,000 people at the Pontiac Silver Dome. It rained that night inside-with rolls of toilet paper!

17--I have always wanted to change my name to Jacqueline. It seems very exotic to me, while Jan is so plain.

18--I will put raw garlic or peanut butter on anything!

19--I don't like diamonds or most jewelry-I wear my wedding ring and a running shoe charm and that is it.

20--I have done every Crim 10 miler since 1981. I lost three toe nails in one race-the monsoon year.

21--I collect trivia books and games.

22--I have to see the door if I am eating in a restaurant. I need to know how to escape if I need to get out fast.

23--I will not fly. I had a horrible experience in the early 80's and have never gotten back on a flying death tube.

24--I collect pine tree stamps. Rubber stamps, that is.

25--I wanted to be a left fielder for the Detroit Tigers growing up. Sigh-I was a girl.

26--My brother Bruce and I used to play chess all the time. When he died at age 15 , I said I would never play again and I haven't.

27--I do my own taxes. The only year I didn't, we got audited. And had to pay in-a lot! I actually dream about the numbers for a week after.

28--My nickname in High School was Willie-after my favorite baseball player Willie Horton. I was appalled when the character in the second Indiana Jones movie was named Willie and was so damned annoying!

****29--Just in case I forgot a leap year or something-I have been a vegetarian for almost 30 years. As you can tell by my blog name, it fits! ****

So there it is. How about posting your own weird ditties either as a comment or in a link to your own blog? I will be sure to visit your blog and see who is the weirdest!

Food Porn

I know..I know... A lot of people are gonna get the wrong idea. But this is what my daughter calls photos of food. So sue her! I was instructed tonight to take a picture of the sammy I made. My husband's co-worker is really into bread baking. It's a hobby he picked up after returning from a stay in Europe when he so enjoyed "real bread" and then came here to Wonder Bread. I don't blame him a bit for making his own. I am a bread junkie too! I have been able to find several bakeries that make wonderful artisan type breads, so it is possible without going to a lot of fuss to get good bread in the US. One place that is terrific is Zingerman's in Ann Arbor. They do mail order and have gift baskets too. Costco also has some wonderful breads. I get some every few weeks for dipping in olive oil and herbs-along with some cheese. I don't like white bread so the darker the better. But I would still eat crunchy French bread if it's homemade.

So the other night this person-this Mark-this enabler-sends home with Ron a whole round loaf of bread. I had to hang my head because I knew I wanted to eat it all by myself. I am a bread junkie. I would open the bag and smell it several times and then resist and close it. Yesterday hubby sends me an email with the recipe. Well, at least it's healthy if I don't eat it all at once. It is a very heavy and dense multigrain bread with different seeds and grains. I decided to make some egg salad using Cajun mustard and low fat mayo and some diced garlic and peppers with smokey curry powder. This was a better idea than what my hubby had-one giant burger!! I sliced the bread horizontally in half and filled it with the egg salad and topped it with organic field greens. Then I cut it into serving wedges. For decoration, I topped with cubed Colby Jack cheese and Cajun gherkins.

I decided to serve the sammy with lentil eggplant soup because I knew the salad would be a bit spicy, so the blandness of the soup would even it out. I topped the soup with Creme Fraiche and a bit of fresh ground cinnamon. Served with some organic chips and fresh grapes for crunch and sweetness, it was a very filling supper on a cold night in Michigan .
Mark recommended the following book if anyone is interested in reading up on bread making. "Bread Alone". This book of recipes and bread lore is written by the owner of a Woodstock, New York bakery You can even tour the bakery if you are in the area-no reservations required.
If Mark wants to experiment and send me a loaf a week-or more-I will be willing to be his guinea pig. An addict will look at any excuse to have their drug of choice.

Mine just happens to be made from grain and nuts