Monday, March 24, 2008

Survey Says..................

How long have I been a vegetarian: 30 + years,---find myself going more vegan every year.

Why did I become vegetarian?: always wanted to (since choking on a chicken bone in 2nd grade-I stopped eating solid foods for a long time)-was partly raised on a farm and hated that my "pets" were being used as food. also health issues-but my Betsy cow really did it for me.

Vegetable I like the most: rutabaga-well, most root veggies I love

Vegetable I like the least: mushrooms-

Favorite fruit: cantaloupe or melons in general-and watermelon in season

Fruit you like the least: bananas-they made me sick when I was pregnant and now can't stand the smell of them ever. I do like plantains tho.

Favorite nut: macadamia-so expensive!

Favorite vegetarian main entree: any kind of thick soup/stews served with crusty home made bread

Favorite vegetarian dessert: fresh fruit but it's nice to share a slice of carrot cake (no frosting)-I am not into sweets much

Favorite herb or spice: is garlic a spice or herb? other than that, paprika-all styles

Herb or spice you like the least: I wasn't big into sage until I grew it fresh-so now I would say none.

Vegetarian recipe that would astonish me?: a bread recipe I would not eat :)

Food allergies / Foods I abstain from: mushrooms make me sick, most dairy (makes me sick-hate melted cheese for the most part), if it has eyeballs, I wont eat it! But I will try most other plants at least once.

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  1. I will be stealing this survey. I'm "allergic" to dairy but I refuse to recognize it as an allergy. There is nothing natural about drinking another animals breast milk so I feel my bodies violent reaction to it is natural.


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