Monday, October 09, 2006

Garlic Pee

I ate so much garlic in the last three days that whenever I pee-it smells like garlic! Had sautéed garlic on Thursday on my veggie sausage pattie sammich.Yum-o. I just discovered that whole wheat flat bread that lets you wrap (I think it's marketed toward kids-it came with tattoos) and they are a small size. My veggie sausage pattie was inside with garlic and then garlic mustard that had a zing!

Friday, I was experimenting and cooked a large bag of mini carrots,thinking I would make a carrot mash bake with brown sugar topping-but decided I wanted creamy soup instead. This was a modified recipe-in which I subbed for all the animal products-using soy milk and veggie broth. I added crushed garlic and ginger-and a dollop of soy sour cream with cilantro on top.

Saturday's garlic was to die for! Roasted garlic with chiabatta bread (a whole loaf!)and boursin cheese-and roasted red peppers. There was some odd greenish sauce on the side, which I haven't figured out-it had a bit of a zing. My sammy also had a garlic aioli. Anyways, wanted to lick the dish clean for the roasted garlic-I did let daughter take the extra home-perhaps a lunch for her or a snack.

So every time, I pee-garlic! But no vampires or werewolves came around with the full moon last night, so must be good-right? I think if they took away the garlic odor-wouldn't be as good.

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