Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Swift Kick is Perhaps Due

Why are men so pissy about shopping ? Hubby needed some new shoes.He had one shoe actually peel-the leather came off in small striplike peels. I am assuming this was the interaction of the salt with the leather. It might help if he were to wear his rubbers but that's a moot point now. We found some in his size and it was buy one pair get another pair 1/2 off. Not a bad deal-altho the last time it was buy one/get one free. So he slips on the shoe-says its okay without tying it or walking in it-but its a different size than what he normally wears which is a wide or D width. Now you can't take shoes back if you've worn them outside. I remind him of this and that he needs to pick out another pair for the half off one. He says he doesn't need a second pair-and I said get them anyways because its a good deal and I know as soon as we were to leave with one pair, he would say he needs another within a few weeks. Its not like the shoes are gonna spoil in a box in the closet or plain old black-tie shoes even go out of style. At least not as long as wearing shoes is common practice.

It's the same with OJ, socks, Kleenex----he would only buy what he needs for today not thinking that he will need more later in the week . Example-I asked how much OJ was in the fridge, did he have enough to get thru this week (I had bought 2 half gallons last week). He said yes, he had enough for this week. I asked if he would have enough for next week. No, so he would need some more by Sunday. I have to always drag it out of him-he would never volunteer any extra info unless I play 20 questions with him. I really got pissed off-he knows I hate to shop-and any of you from Flushing know how scary going to the Meijers on Pierson Road is at night and that is why I need a body guard to go there. Why did he think it was okay to even think I wanted to come back to the store Sunday to replenish his stupid OJ? Or his signal that he needs more granola bars is leaving a flavor he doesn't like on the counter? I thought the cats had knocked it off the fridge . And you know he would never go shopping on his own. I can't even remember the last time he actually bought anything by himself except gasoline. I am tired of being his mommy. And really tired of yes and no answers-that actually go around in circles. I am beginning to think men over 50 regress into newborns language-wise. So I next expect babbling-that will go well with the unannounced farting.

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