Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thanks For The Emails My Friends

To everyone who wrote me today with hugs and encouragement over a recent development, thank you so much. I appreciate all the positives uplifts you sent. Us humans make mistakes and none of us are immune. I was up all night upset over it and have not eaten today as my stomach went into overdrive. I will be better tomorrow after my pot of tea at Gramma's.

I consoled myself with a new vegetarian cookbook, a grass de-thatcher (see what a weirdo I am) and some glittery 99 cent rub ons from Micheal's. I am easy-and the grass is finally gonna get mowed (I could not find a rent-a-goat locally to munch the weeds-but the dandelions are pretty) . Just my credit card is shot! Old mowers die hard and expensively!

Happy 31st birthday to my baby boy! Ben and his lovely Johanna are out hiking for the day and I am sending the GC via email so they can add some goodies for their kayaks. (did you know you have to get a license for a kayak in Iowa? Grubby taxing scum everywhere).

Anyways-thanks for everything. I need to simplify my life for a while and go smell my blooming lilacs! I now have 6 beautiful dwarf Korean bushes in light purple! Photos coming soon!

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