Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sundried Pesto

I wasn't gonna post any food tonight (since I didn't eat anything) but this was soooo good earlier this month. Sun dried tomato pesto tossed with pasta and garlic and tiny bits of broccoli. It was even better warmed up (isn't it funny how that is?) Hubby's had shredded cheese and mine didn't.

I also made fresh biscuits with Cheddar for him. And the strips on the right are veggie patties that I grilled until crunchy and then cut into strips much like sausage links. These veggie patties are from Costco and are the best I have ever eaten!

A sprig of fresh basil and ta da! A dinner better than anything in the local dining chain. When I get the recipe written for the pesto, I will publish it here. I grow my own herbs even in the winter ( Aerogrow) and what a cost saving investment it has been!

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