Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two Things

2 Names I go by:

1. Mom
2. Just Jan

2 Things I am wearing right now:

1. Chico Jeans
2.Running Shoes at 2AM

2. 2 of my favorite things to do:

1. Rubber Stamping
2. Cooking Vegetarian yums

2 things I want very badly at this moment:

1. Marley to get better
2. Hubby to stop snoring

2 of my favorite pets ever:

1. Clancy-king of the backyard
2. Willie-my very first cat back in 1962

2 people I'm tagging :

1. Courtney (so she will update her blog more)
2. Allison as she gets hit with all of these thingies.

2 Things I did last night:

1. Finished the taxes (and mailed them one day early-refund!)
2. Watched hockey, basketball and baseball while putzing in the kitchen-multi tasking or crazy?

2 things I've eaten today:

1. Black olive and green pepper pizza
2. half a cantaloupe

2 People I last talked to:

1. Courtney
2. the sofa slug

2 Things I plan on doing tomorrow:

1. Take Marley back to the vet if he isn't any better
2. Make roasted taro root masala with brown rice for dinner

2 Longest Car Rides:

1. Houston Texas 1976-I got preggers with Ben on that trip!
2. Orlando Florida 1985 the last long one and never again!!

2 Favorite Holidays

1. Halloween
2.Crim weekend (local celebration)

2 Favorite Vacations

1. San Fransisco forever ago
2. Mackinac Island-just me and my kids (can we say fudge for breakfast?)

2 Dream Vacations

1. Run a marathon on Antarctica-only 7 grand without transportation!
2. A week in NYC-with no budget, and a daily run thru Central Park

2 Favorite Beverages

1. English Breakfast tea
2. Volvic water

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