Monday, February 19, 2007

Squares of Me

Four places I have worked:

1. as sitter for a college professor with 6 kids-for 50 cents an hour!
2. Sports Bar and Grill-a college hangout (burned down) also met hubby there
3. Planned Parenthood
4. White Horse (another hangout-for 3 days)

Four places I have lived:

1. Flint, MI (born there)
2. Detroit
3. Grand Blanc Mi (while our house was being built-long story!)
4. Flushing, MI

Four TV shows I love to watch:

1. Roseanne
2. Original Star Trek if its not cut to shreds
3. Jeopardy
4. ESPN-Sportscenter

Four places I have been on vacation:

1. China Town/San Fransisco
2. Kennedy Space Center Florida
3. Mammoth Cave Kentucky
4. Galveston Texas

Four of my favorite foods.

1. Peanut Butter spooned out of the jar
2. Garlic anything-raw is best
3. Bread any kind-warm, toasted, homemade
4. Kettle corn pop corn-sweet and salty

Four places I would rather be right now

1. anyplace warm
2. anyplace with the sun out
3. anyplace peaceful
4. at the gym on the track-it eventually gets warm and peaceful.

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