Saturday, February 03, 2007

28 Weird Things About Me

Since February is so short and sweet, I decided to have some fun tonight and come up with one thing for every day in this month that is weird about me. Granted, I could probably find something for every day of the year but maybe later..

1--I got engaged after one date. We had one date before (dinner) and one date after (drive in). I always have been a cheap person to date.;)

2--I think Fred Astaire is sexy and have since I was 6.

3--I have the entire 1984 Summer Olympics on beta-yes beta-and my favorite inspiration is the first official women's marathon when I need to be pumped.

4--I think gnomes and trolls are real. Some live in my backyard.

5--I will only drive a manual transmission.

6--I would rather eat salad than dessert.

7--I never rent DVD's. If I want to see something, I either buy it used or when it first comes out really cheap.

8--I had a MySpace space before my kids did.

9--I hate shopping in malls or mass market stores. I prefer indy stores or the Internet to shop.

10--I have over 60 GBs of music on my hard drive.

11--I try to buy everything I use on my body fragrance free. Perfumes change on me and smell like garbage after a while.

12--I am addicted to the Weather Channel and Jim Cantore is a one hot babe!

13--I always buy postcards of places I visit in case I lose the photos I have taken.

14--I wear plain old white cotton undies.

15--I still have the very first utility bill I ever had in my name. We pay more per gallon of gas now than that whole bill was.

16--I attended the NBA game with the biggest attendance ever. Over 61,000 people at the Pontiac Silver Dome. It rained that night inside-with rolls of toilet paper!

17--I have always wanted to change my name to Jacqueline. It seems very exotic to me, while Jan is so plain.

18--I will put raw garlic or peanut butter on anything!

19--I don't like diamonds or most jewelry-I wear my wedding ring and a running shoe charm and that is it.

20--I have done every Crim 10 miler since 1981. I lost three toe nails in one race-the monsoon year.

21--I collect trivia books and games.

22--I have to see the door if I am eating in a restaurant. I need to know how to escape if I need to get out fast.

23--I will not fly. I had a horrible experience in the early 80's and have never gotten back on a flying death tube.

24--I collect pine tree stamps. Rubber stamps, that is.

25--I wanted to be a left fielder for the Detroit Tigers growing up. Sigh-I was a girl.

26--My brother Bruce and I used to play chess all the time. When he died at age 15 , I said I would never play again and I haven't.

27--I do my own taxes. The only year I didn't, we got audited. And had to pay in-a lot! I actually dream about the numbers for a week after.

28--My nickname in High School was Willie-after my favorite baseball player Willie Horton. I was appalled when the character in the second Indiana Jones movie was named Willie and was so damned annoying!

****29--Just in case I forgot a leap year or something-I have been a vegetarian for almost 30 years. As you can tell by my blog name, it fits! ****

So there it is. How about posting your own weird ditties either as a comment or in a link to your own blog? I will be sure to visit your blog and see who is the weirdest!

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  1. Lol. I think Fred Astaire is sexy too. I don't know if I have a blog, but I reckon I'd be way too weird, so I won't do this.

    That's how I found this blog. I googled "Fred Astaire is sexy" and it came up with only two pages. Lol! I find that ironic.


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