Tuesday, January 16, 2007

County Fresh-City Strange

We were driving to the dealership to check out my car damage-see previous posting-and there on the side of the same road I crashed on was a huge cow! I had my camera all ready and it was getting dark, so Ron pulled into the lot and I got these photos. I wanted Ron to sit on this-to be Paul Bunyan. But the cow is a cow and not blue and not an ox. If I were the owner, I would have put a wreath around its neck and strings of Christmas lights. Do you think cows get embarrassed?

I really think old Ruthie needs to be milked and soon! But it was a big smile on a nasty, snowy, sleety, schools closed and strangely odd day in mid January. Go see it if you are local to the Flint area-in front of the new VG's store at Corunna and Linden.

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