Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Flood Flint MI 2011

These photos were taken at  Mott Golf Course in Flint, Michigan just west of Kettering University (formally General Motors Institute). Taken from a vantage point west of  Bradley (the Hills so many of us moan and groan about during the Crim 10 Mile Road Race each August) and on dryer ground, there were many still trodding the walking path that lines the flooded areas.

Since I only WATCH golf and don't actually play, I can't tell you where you would be on the course at this point. The river itself is not that wide. The course is not open because of budget problems in the city but it is the 5 mile mark of the Crim, so you think you are almost done. You just forgot the hills come next!

The bridge to where?

Many years ago, this point of view (the actual street) was underwater, so this is NOT the worst flooding I have seen in this area. There wasn't a walking path at that time.

This is actually a replacement bridge from a years ago rotted away span. The water at this point was pretty calm compared to what I saw in Flushing later in the day.

Everything sure greened up with all this rain. This was about 7PM so the sun came out a bit to help show off the beautiful trees. If I were a golfer, I would have probably hit my balls many times into these beauties.

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