Thursday, November 18, 2010

Casa Real Comes To Flint

I have known for a few months that Casa Real of Oxford, MI was opening a sister site in Flint. It is in the previously inhabited site that was Rib City (I miss the okra they had but nothing else).  Several times I thought they were almost ready to open and then nothing. New sign, lights on inside, stickers on the door. But finally two weeks ago, was the marquee announcement that they would open middle of November. They are now open and more info can be found HERE.

The free basket of chips was fresh, crisp and more than enough for two. Salsa was served in a bottle you could pour into a molcajete. I would have preferred a slightly spicy salsa, as this was rather bland. You can order a spicy one, but my dinner partner does not like spicy.  His loss.

This is the bean dip we ordered to go with the chips. I asked what the milky melt on top was and the waitress told me, but I thought it started with an F....but now I think it may be Asadero or possibly Teleme, but the taste of it reminded me of sweetened condensed milk. We swirled a chip thru the bean dip (mildly spicy with jalapeno) then dug in. This was a huge bowl-enough for sure for 4 or more.

 I don't like Spanish rice. It's usually falsely colored orange and just overcooked, dry and tasteless. But this wasn't. It was fluffy and had real vegetables in it. Corn, peas, and mini carrot bits were dispersed thru the rice. The only thing better for this dish would be brown rice!

Finally here  is my entree Queso Enchiladas. There are three enchiladas under that sauce and cheese (I will ask for light on the cheese next time). I only finished one, so I have a full meal for this weekend with my leftover rice and beans.  Casa Real is vegetarian friendly with 6, count them SIX vegetarian entrees and the possibility of others should you leave off the meats. There are also several breakfast/supper egg dishes, various appetizers and OMG desserts!  that any vegetarian would certainly dig into. Prices run a tad cheaper than Don Pablo's but are so much fresher. All the sauces are made in house and the enchilada sauce does not taste bottled like other places. A bit sweet with a mild tang, it's a red sauce you could use on many items.

Smaller portions are served from 11 AM til 3 PM for lunch. They have a full bar, TVs for all you stock market junkies at lunchtime and ESPN in the evening. The decor is whimsical with hand carved and painted tables and chairs with a choice of booths, tall tables and regular height tables. Tejano, mariachi, Mexican will hear it all and it can be loud depending on how many patrons absorb the extra noise. Definitely family friendly and sure to please both tummy and wallet. And can I also praise the waiters? Service was terrific!

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