Friday, March 13, 2009

Heart the Dyess.

I was at a Pistons game in January courtesy of Detroit Bad Boys and Matt Watson, which was a raffle of sorts from Matt's Twitter account. I just now am sorting thru the photos I took with hub's yucky camera. I have become reluctant to take my Rebel into places because of photo restrictions, so this one fit in pocket.

This was a so so photo until I played around with it. I think I am onto Leroy Neiman a bit with this one. Just using the Vista photo enhancer and I could never do this again, but sure was surprised at what I got. Maybe I can eventually take out the guard and that wayward face on the bottom, but until that happens, I am pleased with what I got so far.

I "heart" my Dyess and wish he could get a ring but it won't be in Detroit, as this team was screwed the minute AI came here. Dyess deserves better and had a chance to go to Boston, but came home. At least pay the man his due, Joe.

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