Monday, September 22, 2008

Edits To My Blog

Tonight I removed two blogs I had recently written from "Eyeballs". I had included links to a blog that for some reason, wanted me to remain anonymous whenever I commented to his/her blog. I said no. I have a rule when commenting on blogs. I always use my real name. You can click my name if I leave a comment on your blog and it will take you back to either Eyeballs or Papertango-depending on the connection to your blog. There is also a link to either/or on my sidebar.

I do not leave nasty, troll-like postings on any blog. I know there are lots out there who do and it makes me spit! If I have something to say and don't want anyone to know who I am, there are anonymous blogs out there that allow you to do that. If you go to PaperTango (see sidebar), there is a "bitch" logo. Click that and email the proprietor (it's not me) and ask to be added or just leave a complaint/response/drunken diatribe on any post listed. That is just one of many such blogs out there that allow this.

Again, if I visit your blog and have a comment, a snort, or even a giggle-I will always use my real name with a link to one of my blogs. If I don't feel comfortable having that link, I won't post anything and just close the page. I hope you will offer me the same consideration.

ETA:I am posting this blog to both Eyeballs and Papertango.

ETA-I removed the links to protect the other blogger-which is apparently what said blogger felt was needed to keep any social connection I had to said blogger anonymous . I was not nor am I out to protect myself. There was a bill introduced this past spring HB-775 which was possibly entered to protect from bullying anonymously. I certainly understand that, as the main recipients of such a law would be children or minors. It won't wash, but you never know with this administration.

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